Whether you’re purchasing a home with a bore, or are considering using bore water on your property, it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons. We’ve put together this helpful blog to guide you on what to expect when accessing bore water on your property.

Bore water, or groundwater, is drawn from the ground using a pump system. Bore water can be used for drinking, cooking, and washing, but usage will depend on the type of bore and the overall water quality.

Pros of bore water

  • Minerals: As bore water is drawn directly from the earth, without any chemical treatment, it features a higher concentration of minerals than the water you’ll find in the city.
  • Lower water bills: Bore water is derived directly from your property, so the only water expense you’ll have are the costs of maintaining your pump and filtration system.
  • Contaminant-free: Bore water is usually not contaminated by floods or fires, while in contrast, these events can impact the quality of city water.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Compared to the extraction and purification processes used to carry council water into homes, the installation and maintenance of a bore is far more environmentally-friendly. The drilling and establishment of a bore only takes a few days on average, and following this process you’ll enjoy a planet-conscious water source with energy-efficient filtration processes.

Cons of bore water

  • Cost: Installing a bore does carry an upfront cost. In addition to drilling a bore, you’ll need to purchase the equipment for installing and maintaining the pump. Costs can quickly add up, but they do tend to be outweighed by the great benefits of bore water.
  • Electricity usage: Bores thrive on electricity, as they use a pump to draw water from the aquifer to the tap. If you have a bore, it can help to ensure you have a second power source handy, such as a solar battery or panels.
  • Not clean: Nitrates from agriculture, stormwater and sewage runoff, pesticides, and local pollution can all cause contaminants to arise in your groundwater.
  • Testing: As bore water can be contaminated, it’s crucial you test its quality before you consider drinking it. Water sourced just below the surface of your property could easily be contaminated by various bacteria, chemicals, or viruses, while the water coming from a deeper source could carry heavy metals or chemicals depending on the treatment of the ground.
  • Purification: As bore water is your responsibility to maintain, you will need to use a filter to make sure the water is clean before it enters your home.
  • Maintenance: Once you install a bore on your property, you will need to maintain it. Your pump in particular will require regular servicing, which will carry its own expense. With quality maintenance, however, you’ll ensure your bore continues to operate smoothly for years to come.

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