Installing a water bore on your property can provide you with a water source that is ideal for keeping you, your pets and your plants hydrated. This is a popular option for agricultural farmland, however, it has also become increasingly popular as a way to avoid drought and lower water bills across Northern Rivers.

Whilst the process of installing a water bore is relatively quick when carried out by an expert, it is important to first identify the best place to start drilling.

How Do I Know Where To Install A Water Bore?

Drilling a borehole in the wrong place can lead to costly repairs and even flooding. It is, therefore, important to identify a safe place to drill for groundwater before beginning. This check is best carried out by an experienced professional, such as the team at Leder Water Drill in Northern Rivers. Prior to commencing any work, a drilling professional will check:

There Is Groundwater Present Beneath Your Property

There is no point in drilling down if there is no groundwater present to begin with. That’s why the first step in preparing to bore water is typically to identify if, how much and how deep water is present beneath the earth’s surface.

A water diviner will attend your property to identify whether water is present and the structure of the ground. This information will then be used to inform the bore drilling process.

Before calling in a professional, why not conduct some research of your own? Ask your neighbours if they have installed a water bore on their property, as it is likely that land in close proximation to yours shares a natural water source if any is present.

What Infrastructure Is Beneath The Ground Of Your Property

Before drilling down into your property, it is important to ensure that the drill will not hit any waterworks, electric cables, communication infrastructure or structural supports. An experienced professional will examine the plans for your property to identify any potential obstacles, identifying the safest area for drilling to commence.

Whether It Is Legal To Drill For Bore Water

Before installing a water bore on your New South Wales or Queensland property, it is necessary to hold a groundwater well permit. The process of identifying the best area to drill for bore water therefore also includes identifying the legality of the location. Professionals such as the team at Leder Water Drill can help you to both identify the location of groundwater and apply for the relevant permit prior to drilling.

What Happens Once The Water Bore Is Installed?

Once a safe and legal location has been chosen and the water bore pump has been installed, you should test your water for contaminants. This ensures that it is safe to drink and is a necessary step for water bores installed on commercial properties.

At Leder Water Drill, we also recommend regularly monitoring your water bores. This allows you to quickly identify any contaminants present in the water, as well as changing water levels.

Contact The Experts At Leder Water Drill

If you’re considering installing a water bore on your property, get in touch with our drilling experts. We can assist you in identifying the best location for your water bore, as well as gaining the relevant documentation to ensure your bore is compliant with Australian law.