How much time do you spend thinking about the work that goes into making your drinking water clean, safe, and pleasant? If you said, “not much”, you wouldn’t be alone. Drilling the ground for a bore and ensuring the bore or well is kept safe and secure, is a complex process. Read on to learn more about how a water well-drilling rig works…

What Is A Well-Drilling Rig?

A well-drilling rig is a substantial piece of equipment placed on your property where the bore or well is intended to be dug. These rigs are either rotary drillers or “pounders”. Rotary drillers use circular force to penetrate the ground, while pounders use “cable drilling”, or raising and lowering a weight, to make a hole in the earth. Rotary drill rigs use a range of bits, including long cable and interlocking steel bits, to bore down into the ground and bring any rock substances to the surface. As the bits usually get hot, the operator uses water or mud to keep them cool.

Why Are Well-Drilling Rigs Used?

Well drilling is designed to reach a source of water deep below the surface of the earth. Once water is located, your drilling company will keep drilling to give the well enough supply and ensure its longevity.

How Is The Well Kept Secure?

Well casings are crucial to preventing the new well from collapsing as drilling is taking place. These are long steel or plastic pipes used to line the well. A two-inch gap is kept between the wall of the well and the casing itself. Known as the “annulus”, this gap is filled with gravel and covered with cement down to twenty feet below the surface. This helps to prevent surface contaminants from entering the well and impacting the water source before the well is filled. Some drilling companies choose to install the casing while they’re carrying out their drilling work, while others install the piping after they finish drilling the well.

How Is The Water Source Kept Clean?

Filters are installed in the well to prevent debris and surface contaminants from compromising the water source at the bottom of the well. They also help to prevent larger particles from entering the water pump. Once your contractor finishes their drilling work, they’ll install a screen at the base of the well casing, along with gravel which serves as a natural filter.

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