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Water Bore Needed? If you need water bores on your property and you want the job done right, we’re here for you. We at LederWaterDrill have all of the expertise, over 40 years of experience and all the equipment needed to get the job done. We’ve been on the land all our lives and we understand the critical nature of a good water supply. That’s why run LederWaterDrill with such passion.

We’re very proud of our proven ability to share abundant water access from reliable bores in almost any location. Enjoy our site, we hope it’s informative and give us a call when you’re ready to get the water flowing. Water is Life!

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Water Well Drilling

At Leder Water Drill, we have the equipment and expertise to safely drill water wells on your property. We will assess your land, advising as to the best positioning of your water well for optimum functionality and a clean water supply. Our water well drilling service includes the installation of a high-quality pump.


Residential water bores

Conserve water and drought-proof your home with a residential water bore. Access the groundwater beneath your property for a sustainable and cost-effective freshwater supply, ideal for drinking, washing and watering your garden. At Leder Water Drill, we can install a residential water bore and pump onto domestic or civic property for convenient access to groundwater. We will even ensure that the accessed water is 100% compliant with government safety standards and regulations.

bore permit assistance

Water Bore Permit Assistance

If you want to install a water bore on your property, it is likely that you will require a permit before work can begin. The team at Leder Water Drill are experts in the legal requirements for water bores and can assist you in obtaining the relevant permit. From the application process through to meeting the relevant standards post-drill, our team of experienced engineers are here to help.

decommissioning wells

Decommissioning wells

Is there an old well on your property that is posing a hazard to your freshwater supply or farmland? Contact Leder Water Drill for professional well decommissioning. We can identify how the well was installed and the appropriate equipment needed for decommissioning, providing a safe service that doesn’t cause damage to your property.

geotechnical drilling

Monitoring bores

If you need to monitor the quality of the groundwater beneath your property, Leder Water Drill can install monitoring bores at intervals in the surrounding area. Monitoring bores enable you to assess the quality, pressure, salinity and depth of groundwater. The monitoring process typically takes place over a five year period, with the experts at Leder Water Drill providing expert advice and assistance throughout.

environmental drilling

Environmental drilling

Gain an in-depth understanding of sub-terrain water conditions on your property with the expert assistance of Leder Water Drill. Through the use of monitoring bores, recovery wells and industry-standard equipment we can assess sub-surface water levels, identifying any potential contaminants or drops in pressure. This information can then be used to inform your water bore installation and maintenance, as well as to administer any possible treatments to contaminated water sources.

deposit assessments

Construction dewatering

Do you require water to be removed from an area for construction? Leder Water Drill can develop a strategy for the safe and effective removal of water from construction sites, taking into account the depth of groundwater and the risk of backflow. Our experienced team are trained in the latest techniques and armed with industry-standard equipment to precisely remove water from your site.

soft ground casing

Soft ground casings

Accessing water beneath non-rigid or poorly structured ground? Leder Water Drill can install soft ground casings into your substructure to provide additional support for wells and water bores. This prolongs the lifespan of the structure and prevents collapse or contamination of the water source.

submersible pumps

Submersible Pumps

We supply a full range of submersible multistage pumps that are perfecty suited to drawing water from restricted or smaller wells. Our pumps are durable, highly efficient and incorporate dry run and soft start protection as standard. Our submersible pump controller technology tracks weter demand and automatically adjusts pump speed ensuring consistent pressure.

Water Bore Drilling In Northern Rivers – Done Right!

Water bore drilling is always done right by the team at LederWaterDrill. Take a moment to watch our promotional video to see some of our team in action.

Using the best equipment, training and know how, LederWaterDrill can efficiently place functioning water bores on your property. We can also assist with identifying the best place to drill as well as all the necessary paperwork to ensure that your water bores are 100% compliant.

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    We’re farmers too!

    We’ve been on the land all our lives and so we know the importance of having reliable clean water especially when it’s dry.

    On our 11,500 acre property south west of Tenterfield, we run a herd of Brangus Cattle, breed performance horses for work and competition and have some very nice border collie X working dogs. All cattle work is done with the horses and dogs and we also invite visitors to enjoy bush camping on our property. Over the years “Lederville” has become a very popular camping experience for many returning visitors.

    And of course we do water bores like no other! Call Jake on 0401 851 423 for a free quote or use THIS FORM to request a prompt call back. Follow us on Facebook for the most recent updates.

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    LederWaterDrill SERVICE AREA

    Proudly Serving: North Coast NSW, New England, North West NSW, South East QLD, Darling Downs, South West QLD and Wide Bay Burnett QLD.

    Our Bore Water Drill service area includes but is not limited to the townships of:

    Alstonville, Bonalbo, Boonah, Burringbar, Byron Bay, Casino, Coraki, Corndale, Drake, Federal, Glenreagh, Grafton, Jackadgery, Killarney, Kingscliff, Kyogle, Lismore, Mainarm, Morgan Park, Mullumbimby, Murwillumbah, Nimbin, Nymboida, Springbrook, Stannum, Stanthorpe, Tabulum, Tenterfield, The Channon, Toonimbar, Tyalgum, Whian Whian, Wollongbar, Woodenbong.